7 Stunning Spots to Elope in Virginia 

Scenic view of rock formations inGreat Falls State Park in Virginia

So you want to elope in Virginia? CONGRATULATIONS, I love that for you! Let me tell you that I have witnessed first-hand some of the most gorgeous hidden gems that my sunny state has to offer. I may be a little biased, but Virginia is home to some of the best outdoor wedding venues you could ever dream of! Now, it would be my honor to take you on a little tour of some of my favorite locations so that you have a better idea of where to host your stunning adventure elopement.  

Today we’re exploring…

  1. Shenandoah national park
  2. Grayson highlands state park
  3. Natural Bridge
  4. False cape state park
  5. Westmoreland state park
  6. Cole mountain 
  7. Great falls state park 


Starting off on the dreamiest note, we have Shenandoah National Park. Located in the beautiful Blue Range Mountains of Virginia and just west of Washington D.C., this park is full of life and scenic beauty and is sure to leave couples pinching themselves because of how unreal this place is! Cascading waterfalls, a haven to wildlife, and one-of-a-kind wildflower meadows will leave you questioning where the heck you’ve been this whole time!

With Shenandoah’s abundance of bustling wildlife and vibrant, lush forests, you’ll be sure to find scenic vistas wherever you may wander into. The unparalleled sites that the Blue Range Mountains hold are sure to leave you and your partner wide-eyed and awestruck once you finally get to saying your “I Dos.” 


If you love the site of uniquely beautiful mountain ranges, then Grayson Highlands State Park is definitely the one for you. Sitting pretty between Mount Rodgers and Whitetop Mountain, this gorgeous venue will do wonders for a national park elopement because of their special alpine views. Not to mention, Grayson Highlands is home to some of the best bouldering spots in Virginia! Did I also mention that this beauty of a park also has wild ponies? Score!

If you’ve never had the chance to explore the wonders within this gem, I highly recommend all you sweet lovers to put this jewel on your list of potential venues. 


Going down my list of the best places to elope in Virginia, we have the charming Natural Bridge State Park. Although she’s small, she still holds views like none other. Within this Historic Landmark, you’ll find alluring forests, rolling meadows, and of course, the 215-foot tall limestone gorge that’s tucked away in Cedar Creek. Don’t be fooled by the name because this striking venue has more to offer than just the bridge it was named after. 

Weddings at this stunning park are usually a field day for an eager Virginia elopement photographer that’s been itching to capture your big celebration (aka me). One of the reasons that I have so much love for this place is because it’s truly one of nature’s masterpieces and the best part – it’s only a short drive from Roanoke, VA! How convenient! Perfect for any couple looking to have an intimate and sentimental ceremony with a jaw-dropping backdrop, Natural Bridge State Park is the perfect place to host your outdoor wedding. 


Next venue that takes a spot on my favorites list is none other than the charming False Cape State Park. What makes this location extraordinarily special is that you’re able to immerse yourself in one of the most exceptional stretches of coastal habitat within the region! Located in Virginia Beach, this park also acts as one of the last underdeveloped areas along the Atlantic Coast, as it used to be home to Native Americans some time ago. 

With its primitive settings and unique biological diversity, this treasure of a location is one that I truly admire. Another bonus: it’s one of Virginia’s least visited state parks which makes it all the more fun and effortless to photograph. To all my couples who have been looking for a prime location to throw the ultimate beach elopement, the search is over! Imagine this – you have your dream ceremony at sunrise as you say your vows in front of the stunning Atlantic and then start your epic love story by stargazing after sunset. It’s a win-win! 

When you’re eloping in VA, it’s easy to get lost in the search for the perfect venue when the quantity of options doesn’t compromise on the quality of the locations. That being said, get ready to frolic hand-in-hand with your lover while you’re busy wandering the grounds of  Westmoreland State Park. Tucked away in Montross, VA, this park is perfect for the adventure-hungry couple that never takes an epic view for granted. 

If it’s not the panoramic sites of the Potomac River that I adore the most, it’s definitely the unique bald eagle sightings as they soar above the cliffs while you’re tying the knot!

Romantic, elegant, and such an insane location, Westmoreland holds a very special place in my heart. When you finally decide to give this location a chance, make sure you stop to take a deep breath and inhale the ocean-kissed breeze, you’ll thank me later! 

Back to the Mountain tops we go!

Moving on down the list, we have Virginia’s coveted Cole Mountain. Could you tell that I have a soft spot for a good ol’ mountainous backdrop with breathtaking views? Hiding within the George Washington National Forest in Lexington, Virginia, Cole Mountain’s ever-changing landscapes and beautiful high-elevation meadow views are the cherry on top of an already stunning outdoor wedding location. 

Also known as Cold Mountain, this spot is known for its massive open space – no cabin fever here! If you’re up for a breezy hike, I definitely recommend taking this guy for a spin. You’ll find nothing less than 360 views of mountains galore, a stunning array of vibrantly colored fields and trees, and it’s honestly a photographer’s playground for getting the most gorgeous shots! To say this place is stunning is an understatement, but I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself! 

And last, but certainly not least, stop on the elope in VA tour… 

Last stop on our tour is the highly-anticipated Great Falls State Park right here in Fairfax county. Striking scenery and perfect for a nature-filled love story, this location takes the cake for its vastness and overall romantic atmosphere. Circling back to the banks of the Potomac River, you may find your epic love story just beyond the cascading waterfalls! 

Ready to fall in love? Well, the waters are falling right there with ya! When it comes to an adventure elopement, I’m all about having that extravagant background to put the finishing touches on an already stunning ceremony. Getting hitched surrounded by beautifully raging waters and carefully cut rock formations will have you thinking that you stepped right into a Nicholas Sparks movie! Great Falls is the best spot to dip your toes in for all adventurous love birds alike. 

Well, there you have it! I so loved taking you on this journey with me as we explored all the best places to elope in Virginia. That being said, I would love to be right there with you to capture your unique love story in some of the most breathtaking locations this gorgeous state has to offer. Looking for a Virginia elopement photographer and local tour guide? Together we’ll create the most special day, just say hi over on my contact form. Excited yet? Ahhh, me too! Adventure is out there and we’ll find it right here in VA!

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